How It Works

Each pair of pants are custom ordered to exacting specifications of the customer. We use the customer specifications and our software to create the patterns and laser cut the materials. They are sent to a seamster to be assembled and returned for a quality inspection before being shipped to the customer. All pant orders are guaranteed by a 100% customer satisfaction policy.


Peoples Pants was started in 2018 as a 'minimum viable product' experiment designed to illustrate a percieved gap in the current textile marketplace. Our objective is to gradually evolve into a profitable employee owned and operated company.


Why is it that you can never order the exact same pair of your favorite pants? Why are pants sizing different with every manufacturer and sometimes with the exact same pants model? Peoples Pants aims to solve these issues.


Peoples Pants uses sustainably manufactured textiles. About 20 pieces of clothing per person are manufactured each year and th apparel industries currently account for almost 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions, nearly as much as that of the whole European Union. Assuming infinite resources in a finite world is not a sustainable business model.


It is estimated that approximately 60 million people work in the textile industry worldwide, many for long hours and low wages. Peoples Pants labor stucture is meant to allow our contractors the ability to work independently for decent living wages.



Peoples Pants pricing is based on a livable wage for our seamsters and the cost of sustainable fabric. Pants pricing is also based on the qauntity of stitching and fabric need for each style and size.


Custom pants orders can take up to four weeks to manufacture and process. Orders of returns, overruns or stock pants generally take one week for delivery. The manufacturing and shipping progress of each order can be tracked in your account dashboard.


All Peoples Pants orders are guaranteed by a 100% customer satisfaction policy.


Each package comes with a prepaid return postage lable. Attach the label to the shipping box and return. Your credit card will be debited upon receipt.


All payments, refunds, and charges are processed by Stripe. Please refer to thier usage policy for all financial transactions.


The seamster can make up to 70% of the sales price on every pant shipped. Every approved seamster is provided with a dashboard where all transactions, payments, orders, financial documents, and reviews are available.


You must be qualified to become a seamster. You may apply at https://peoplespants.com/apply


Every seamster will be provided a public facing page in order to facilitate reviews and feedback from customers.


All transactions, reviews, and payments will be recorded on your account dashboard. Payments are made via ACH transfer upon quality inspection and customer reciept.


Upon application and before approval, all seamsters will submit a signed technology services agreement with Peoples Pants.


We incentivize our payments system to keep quality standards up and to reduce manufacturing time and cost.


Peoples Pants provides a library of training materials to help seamsters meet our quality guidelines. It is accessible to registered users and seamsters at https://peoplespants.com/learn



You may contact Peoples Pants at https://peoplespants.com/contact


Customer support is availble via your dashboard page. All other feedback should be direct to our contact page.


Our press kit is availble at https://peoplespants.com/press


Our privacy policy is availble at https://peoplespants.com/privacy