Hello World

PeoplesPants.com began as an idea hatched during a conversation with a former textile manufacturing executive while I was in the process of learning a new software framework. 

 The question that started the conversation was "Why can't I ever order the exact same model pants". I'll get a pair of pants that are 'just right' and I'll order a couple pairs, but then I'll go to order them again and they'll be different in sizing and materials. There are a number of ways I tend to frame the question about how and why I decided to publish PeoplesPants.com.  For years, I also had this question in the back of my mind about David Letterman's company Worldwide Pants... Why the Name Worldwide Pants? I attended a concert in Charleston, South Carolina hosted by Worldwide Pants where I met B.B. King. I also got drunk and tore up my feet wading into a riverbed full of oyster shells, but that's another story for another website.

Oh yeah, pants... I took a trip to India and one of the things I noticed were the giant piles of clothing along commerce areas. Although they manufacture tons of apparel and textiles, their own clothing stores often consist of recycled clothing that is brought in by container crate and dumped from trucks onto the street where people sort through them to resell. I'd imagine that not all of the textile industry's history is sordid. Textiles have a long history in the small town and state in which I live. There are fascinating stories of the 1934 textile strike and of the demise of the industry. One of most interesting stories is told by Frank Beachham, who's grandfather ordered the murder of seven textile mill workers which was documented in The Uprising of 34. I came across that story because Beacham authored another story close to my family. I have often joked over the years about starting a 'pants' company and I often cite that American Apparel was started 'just down the road' in Ninety-Six South Carolina with just a group of seven women doing the work.

So, not unlike every other developer out there with side project ideas that start as experiments, this one might become part of the 'internet junkyard'. It's more likely that I'll just get board of it. I like the  git push and break things kinda attitude.  Hopefully, I'll be having fun and keeping notes here about what I learn while building the project.

I wrote a bit more on my website.

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